Down the sky as it fell

Burning in the fire as hot as hell

The light that came out of it

Was the news of its final fate

So we stood, smiled, laughed and watched

Wishing for that one desire in our heart..

There is a part of you that they want to destroy

Perhaps the way you look and smile

Perhaps that shine in your eyes

Perhaps the way you rapidly talk

Or that grace in your walk

Perhaps the way you feel so intense

Because you were born oversensitive

Perhaps the way you love those animals

Perhaps that childish side of you

Perhaps the way your face lighten up

When you see your beloved come

There is a part of you that they want to destroy

Don't let them because they are envious of you

For they wish they hadn't lost their beautiful side too…

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

Exhausted and wounded as he stumbled across the path;

Pacing on the road covered with wrath of the frost

He tried to push himself, dragged his feet and fell

Pack leader looked back at him with concern

Wondering if he would ever make it far

Some of the wolves looked at him with disdain

Thinking of the burden he just became

So he gestured the pack leader to leave him behind

As the pack disappeared in the Fog,

This morning when I woke up

I felt something deep

It was as if something was missing

Something incomplete

I tried looking for it deep down my heart

searched in the ocean of memories of Past

But Couldn’t find it anywhere, Alas !

Still don’t know what it was

Perhaps a feeling, forever lost

Deep down the ocean of her character flaws..


Last night I talked to the moon

I told him how his every single glimpse

Reminded me of her beautiful smile

I told him how his moon light

Illuminated my darkest night

The same exact way her presence did

I told him how his absence left me in the dark

The same exact way her absence did

Moon said and I quote:

I looked down with the shame

seeing my reflection in the lake

Then I looked at her for one last time

One last howl, one last cry

My voice echoed through the skies

The Halo blushed and I smiled

I turned around and entered the bush

Disappearing in the dark for her own good…

image taken from pinterest

M. Ismail

Aspiring Writer

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